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Our May Spotlight is on fabulous Jie of NaiNai's Dumplings.

Tell us a bit about NaiNai's Dumplings.

NaiNai is a Chinese word for Grandma. Our stall has 3 generations of Grandma and Grandpa, me the daughter and my son Ollie the helper. We started the stall about 5 years ago and That Great Market is one of the first market we attended.

What can we find at your amazing stall ?

Amazing, authentic and mouth-watering dumplings in the variety of Pan Fried, Boiled, traditional Pork and Chives or Vegetarian fillings. Also our sell out Char Siu Pork Bao Buns are definitely worth a try. If you are really hungry, our made to order str fry noodles will guarantee your satisfaction. Not to mention the homemade chilli source that goes well with everything if you like to add a little spice.

What do you love about having a stall at That Great Market ?

That Great Market is NaiNai's dumplings favourite market of all time.

The customers love NaiNai's dumplings, fellow stallholders are friendly and not to mention the lovely organisers Lou and Mike who are already supportive and understanding.

Favourite savoury food...

I have to say noodles. I can eat noodles every day and won't be bored of them.

Favourite sweet treat…

I am not a sweet person but probably only ice cream that I can't live without.

What would be your perfect night in ?

I prefer a night out !

Best bingeworthy TV show…

Master Chef Australia

Favourite holiday spot…

Singapore as I love the food and shopping there.

You can visit the talented team at NaiNai's Dumplings on Sunday 15th May for some delicious market street food - YUM YUM !!!

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