We are Mike & Lou, the owner/operators of the gorgeous Lindfield Market. 

Held on the 3rd Sunday of every month, That Great Market Lindfield is a beautiful artisan market known for its relaxed, family friendly atmosphere and the amazing quality locally designed and made products and produce.  There is always an amazing feeling of community and fun and with easy parking and an adjoining playground and local shops, it's a GREAT spot to spend your Sunday and a GREAT day out for the whole gang (including the fur babies) !

That Great Market was started in April 2015 by the wonderful Jacqui and Peter and we were fortunate enough after being long time stallholders with them to be given the opportunity to take over running this lovely feel-good community









We started our journey in Feb 2019 and we quickly realised we were doing something we truly loved. 

Markets are an amazing way to come together and celebrate local designers, producers and makers and to encourage visitors to support Australian Made and shopping  local.

2020 to be frank...sucked.  We were only able to hold 3 of our 15 scheduled markets but the ones we did have were wonderful and they still had that amazing relaxed family friendly vibe that makes this market so special.  Fast forward to 2021 and things didn't really improve did they ?  We were able to run markets till June then it was back into lockdown.  We were able to run our December market which was a lovely day !

We're crossing our fingers that 2022 is an improvement on the last 2 !

Supporting your local markets does so much.  It keeps our small Aussie businesses going, brings communities together, gets us out of our houses into the fresh air and away from our screens, and helps us to be more sustainable and environmental through awareness, education and our buying choices.  


While our “new normal” means we all have to adapt to doing things a bit differently sometimes, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy being together in such a lovely way.


We hope you can visit us very soon at That Great Market.


Lou & Mike x