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Spotlight On...

Our June Spotlight is none other than the gorgeous Lara from Purple Bear Products.

What can we find at your amazing stall ?

At my stall you can find handmade goats milk soaps and other gentle handmade skincare that focuses on moisturising and nurturing your skin.

What do you love about having a stall at

That Great Market ?

That great market is my absolute favourite

market environment from the food to the vibe to the people everything just aligns to create a fantastic market vibe.

What are you reading right now ?

Right now I am reading the sequel to “What if it’s us” by Becky Albertalli titled “Here’s to us” a beautiful story about romance and friendship.

Favourite savoury food...

Cheese and bacon rolls are my fuel so perfectly fluffy and yummy.

Favourite sweet treat…

This totally sounds like a plug for Two Creeks East Lindfield honey but their creamed honey on plain toast has become my recent obsession.

Favourite holiday spot…

My absolute favourite spot is the forests in New Zealand, I am a lover of hiking and nothing matches the rainforest vibe.

Do you have any pets ?

I have 3 interesting cats and a dog who likes to think he’s a cat. My cat’s include a Siamese named Rhade, a Russian blue named Pushkin and a ragdoll named Harely Quinn (but we just call her fluffy) and my dog is a beagle cross cavalier named buddy.

What are your other hidden talents / hobbies ?

I have many hobbies. Currently in year 12 I do 2 other major works, one being textiles and the other being software. I have also been doing cadets since year 8 and love the outdoor experience of it :)

You can check out Lara's beautiful goat's milk soaps and have a laugh and a chat with this awesome gal Sunday 19th June.

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