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Puppy of the Month

Get ready for your latest fix of Friday furry cuteness !

We are very fortunate at That Great Market to welcome not only visitors of the 2 legged variety but lots of their furry 4 legged companions and boy were we treated last Sunday !

It's very hard to pick just one winner for our Puppy of the Month so we have included some runners up !

meet the runners up...


Gorgeous coconut certainly loves a cuddle !


How's this for a face to melt your heart !


This stunning Whippet was dressed in the latest winter doggy fashions and even has her own Instagram page.



This was one very excited fellow so it took a while to get the perfect photos but when we did, well see for yourself !

And because there were so many we thought you could enjoy a little spot more cuteness before you go...

Don't leave the puppies at home next visit - as you can see they are a very popular edition to our monthly markets !

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