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A Lovely Market Day

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

We awoke to a beautiful late Summer morning. The skies were clear, gentle dew lay across the ground and the morning sun greeted us all with gusto. Yep - we were in for some fabulous weather !

When we arrived at the market we were surprised and rather chuffed to see how many of our wonderful stallholders were already waiting for us and we could feel the enthusiasm they brought.

We were without our very helpful assistant so we (with a little help from our friends) set about getting everything prepared & ready for our 9am start while the stallholders set up and put the finishing touches on their stalls.

Our first market back for 2022 was a bit quieter than we would have hoped (although sometimes February markets can be a little quieter while everyone finds their New Year mojo) but the visitors who did come and support us were AMAZING !

We met some truly extraordinary characters throughout the day, some of whom had travelled quite long distances to join us.

It's been a tough couple of years for our industry so it really was nice to get back to what we all love doing. Now we just need everyone to get the word out that we are back up and running again. Add us to your monthly routine (keep the 3rd Sunday free each month !) and keep supporting this gorgeous little market so we can continue to bring you the unique products, local produce, delicious food and relaxed happy Sunday vibe that makes this market so special.

Market day was a LONG and tiring one but also a very uplifting one feeling the love of our extraordinary market family. And we slept VERY well that night (after a couple of medicinal wines) !


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