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2022 terms & conditions

Market Operators:         

Lou (0401 656 984)

Mike (0413 773 563)


Market Details:                

East Lindfield Community Hall & Grounds

9 Wellington Road, East Lindfield

3rd Sunday each Month from 9 till 2 (no market in January)

That Great Market has been operating since 2015.  We pride ourselves on running a community market with a relaxed friendly vibe and a focusing on having a wide range of unique locally made, designed and curated products and produce.  We create a supportive atmosphere enriched by the wonderful local creators and makers who join us each month.


Stallholders are responsible for ensuring that they all people working in or supporting the operation of their stall have read, understood and act in accordance with the TGM 2022 Terms & Conditions.

Stall selection

We work hard to ensure that all our stallholders have the best chance on the day and for that reason keep similar products and cross over stalls to a minimum.  As it means we can’t include everyone who applies each month we keep a waiting list of stalls in each product type so if you don’t get a chance and a spot becomes available we will contact you later on.

TGM management has the final say on which stalls will be approved to attend.

Stall Allocation

We allocate each stall based on the best layout for the stall within the market as a whole while maintaining where possible preferred spots for returning stallholders.  The space is not transferable and must be used by the approved stallholder.   We will try to accommodate special requests when we can but with limited spaces and options available this is not always possible.

We will provide a map each market day for you to find your allocated spot. 

Stallholders are required to keep all their products and displays within the boundaries of their allocated space.


Stall Payment

TGM requires payment for the stall on receipt of invoice.  Your stall is not confirmed until payment has been received. If you haven’t paid we may send you a reminder but if not paid 2 weeks prior to the market date, the stall space will be offered to a similar product stall on our waiting list.


Market Cancellation

TGM is an all-weather market and will continue to operate unless the weather is predicted to be extreme or dangerous for our stallholders or visitors.  Stallholders with an outdoor space need to prepare to trade in all weather conditions.

We do not take a market cancellation lightly and aim to give as much notice as we can if this has to occur.

While many markets do not offer this, in the event that TGM Management makes the decision to cancel a market for weather or any other reason, we chose to offer all paid stallholders the opportunity to attend the very next available market.  If you cannot attend however you will not be able to defer to another market.

We DO NOT give refunds if a market is cancelled for any reason.


Cancellations / Refunds Policy

Please ensure you are committed to attending the event before you pay as we DO NOT give refunds or deferments if you cancel or do not attend the market for any reason.

We are a small business and many of the running, advertising and marketing costs are incurred prior to the market and are not recoverable.

TGM does not accept responsible for any costs incurred due to cancellation or non-attendance.



It is a legal requirement that all stallholders have Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of $10 million.

If you do not have stallholder insurance the market can offer coverage for $25 per market in addition to the stall fee.

Market day

Trading Hours

TGM trades from 9am till 2pm.  Stallholders must be ready to trade by 9am and MUST NOT COMMENCE packing up until 2pm or unless previously arranged with or advised by management.


Bump in / parking

As the area is residential, access is strictly from 7am at the EARLIEST and noise is to be kept to a minimum.

There are optimum areas to park for unloading depending on your stall location.

If using the front carpark or back driveway, you will need to MOVE YOUR VEHICLE to a legal street park (there are plenty around) once you have unloaded (prior to setting up your stall).

The back driveway MUST BE KEPT CLEAR during the event as it is an Emergency Vehicular Access Point on market day.


Stall set up

Your stall allocation doesn’t include furniture (tables, marquees etc) or any other items you need to create your stall set up.  Please ensure you bring everything with you that you need.

If you need any assistance setting up on the day please advise us prior to the market so we can arrange help for you at an allocated time during Bump In.

Outdoor stalls

If you have ever seen what happens to an unsecured market tent during a large wind gust then you will understand the importance of using weights.  If you are outside and using a marquee you will be required to provide and use weights, water bases or tent pegs ON ALL 4 LEGS and this will be checked.  If you have not done so, you will need to rectify this immediately or will not be able to use your marquee on the day.

Prepare your stall for all weather including sides for your marquee if you have them, coverings for your products in the event of rain and underfoot matting for your comfort.


Products / Produce for sale

We want to ensure the best chance of sales for all stallholders and provide visitors with as much variety to choose from as possible.

The products / produce you sell on the day must be those advised on your application form.  If you have changed or added products since your application you must notify TGM in writing of these changes.

TGM reserves the right to request the removal of items that aren’t part of your application or items that may cause offence or distress to other stallholders or visitors to the market.


Bump out

Please fully pack up your stall before retrieving your vehicle, loading it and vacating the spot.  This will help for a safe and fair bump out for everyone.

Waste management & sustainability

With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and running our market as sustainably as possible, we request that all stallholders use recyclable, reusable and/or biodegradable packaging on their products (if needed at all).  Single use plastics are not welcome and we would ask that you find alternatives and encourage your visitors to use their own bags where possible.

Small items of rubbish may be put into the landfill and recyclables bins provided on the day or taken away with you.

Large packaging boxes and bulky items must be taken away with you.


Photography and videography

Photos / videos taken on market day by the staff or market approved photographers of stalls, products and visitors are used for market promotion only.

We welcome any of your own product photos you would like us to use in promotion as well.


Charity or Not-For-Profit stalls

TGM is supportive of Charity and Not-for-profit stalls and we allocate some spaces each month for this purpose.  If your stall falls into this category please contact us and provide details.

We do not allow religious or political groups to attend as we do not want to alienate any of our stallholders or visitors due to their religious or political beliefs.


WH&S (Workplace Health Safety) & COVID Management.

TGM wants to ensure the safety of stallholders, visitors and staff of That Great Market at all times.  

We have a first aid kit available and follow relevant WHS compliance obligations.

We expect all stallholders to be aware of and comply with all NSW and Federal requirements for running their stalls safely and compliantly.

If you need to carry heavy objects please use a trolley and follow safe manual handling practices.

For more information on running your business safely please visit

Please immediately report any incidents to the TGM staff.

That Great Market will abide by all current NSW Gov requirements regarding COVID Safety and any others that we feel will assist in keeping our market family and the community as safe as possible.  As these are continually changing we will update our website if any new regulations affecting our market come to light.


Food stall compliance

ALL FOOD STALLS are required to comply with the Kur-ring-gai Council regulations for the making and selling of food products in this local government area. 

Details and registration form can be found at the following link:

You will need to show proof that you have done this in order to trade at That Great Market along with providing a current FSS for the person / people preparing food at the market.


All required documents (Public Liability Certificate of Currency, Council approval to sell food at the market, FSS for Food stalls) can be emailed to us at

Have fun and be supportive

It's a tough job being a stallholder and you've worked hard to get here.

We want everyone who joins us to have a super fun and enjoyable time.  Continue to be kind and supportive to your fellow stallholders, watch out for each other and have a Great Day !

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