Stallholder Guidelines


Having a wonderful product is only half the story when you are selling at a market.  At TGM, you are surrounded by professional stallholders who do more than operate a market stall – they create a ‘pop up shop’ in about 2 hours flat each market morning and then pull it down at the end of the day.  
It’s magic!

Your own ‘pop up shop’ needs to look spectacular to attract your market customers.   It takes practice, so if you are new at this, don’t despair, you will work it out soon enough.  Do some ‘market’ research before your first market – go along to other markets and check out what other stallholders do to make them stand out from the crowd.  (If you are lucky, you will find some incredibly useful ‘don’ts’ as well)

Here are some points to consider….

Please ensure your marquee is clean and well maintained and that you follow all the safety guidelines noted in the TGM T & C’s

Product branding is important – either a branded marquee or a banner at the back wall of your marquee, facing front.

Is your stall welcoming?

Be aware of your sales style.   TGM is a place where browsing is allowed – it’s not a hard-sell environment, as that only backfires in the end.
Is your stall walk-in, or are you behind your tables/counter? (if you are behind your table, don’t let the table be a barrier between you and your customer)

Ensure you have sufficient pricing – whilst it’s great to interact with your customers, sometimes they just want to browse.

If your product has a lot of information attached to it, consider information signage that allows the customer to know about you/your product, before they engage.

Do you take credit card?  (there are lots of low-cost merchant options available – happy to give some advice if you need)

If you are cash only, make sure you have a sufficient float (change).

Consider bags & receipts, should your customer require.  

Please, no single-use plastic bags.


(see also Food Stall Guidelines)

Suggestions for product mix and display of cake and gourmet stalls…

It’s important not to be ‘all things to all people’ – it’s recommended that you choose your style –

Are you rustic, with an abundance of freestyle products, handwritten tags, hessian and rope styling, or      
Are you sophisticated, with elegant packaging and neat looking products, printed tags, or
Are you minimalist, with a couple of products, displayed in neat lines…..

All of this is terrific and wonderful, as long as you know who you are …… it ultimately helps the customer know what they are buying! 

Doing 4 or 5 products perfectly is better than doing 10 products not so perfectly
Size is important – consider the usage of the product - is it to eat on site with coffee, or is to take home ?      If it’s to eat on site, best not be too messy,  if it’s to take home, provide appropriate take home packaging.

Attractive packaging – little paper tray / serviette / take home packaging

Please consider paper, bamboo or corn starch packaging and no single use bags

All products must look attractive.  Don’t forget, we eat first with our eyes

Pricing must be realistic – there’s no wisdom in overpricing your products – you want to sell!

Attractive and informative signage is hugely important – what your product is / ingredients / allergens / prices