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Tip of the Month

Ian Westmoreland the founder of Mentoring Men started joining us when we took over That Great Market in early 2019 and has been at the market ever since.

He and his team are a wonderful presence, easy and great to talk to and do such amazing and important work.

Ian shares with us his #tipofthemonth and we can see why spending time with his grandkids is his go-to de-stressing activity, how adorable is little Louis!

Studies have shown there are positive health benefits for people who spend time with their grandchildren.

In addition to good old-fashioned fun and enjoyment, grandparents can gain an improvement in physical, mental and emotional health.

If you don’t have grandchildren, being able to connect with another adult who will be there to listen and offer non-judgmental support can also provide benefits to your mental and emotional health.

Come and have a chat with Ian and his team this Sunday 19th June.

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