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Tip of the Month

Our very comforting Tip of the Month for May comes to you from our delightful and talented jewellery designer Merryl from Shavelle Jewllery by MLS.

Autumn is the best time to start thinking of how we can help ourselves throughout the winter months ahead.

Besides keeping ourselves warm when the temperatures drop, we need to think of hot beverages that warm us from the inside such as soups with plenty of vegetables, garlic etc.

That brings forward the thought of having healthy herbal teas on hand. So many types to choose from.

Organically grown is the best and bought in small quantities for freshness from Australian herbal tea companies or health shops sell these as loose tea or teabags as well.

One really great tea is Mullein Tea. This tea has historically been used and is known as the lung herb. The benefits of this tea is so helpful for respiratory clearing also the tea has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

This tea may help with congestion and coughing if we catch the common cold or influenza. The tea has a earthy pleasant taste but honey and lemon can be added to elevate this taste if needed.

Using a stainless steel strainer with small holes if using the loose tea is best so that very little sediment escapes into the cup or pot steeped for around 10 to 15mins. 2 to 3 cups a day for relief.

Personally, I have used this tea for many years when the seasonal influenza and bronchitis appears.

Come and see Merryl on Sunday 15th May for a browse and a chat !

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