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Tip of the Month

The MARCH 2022 Tip of the Month is brought to us by lovely Lee from

Art Needs a Heart to be Art

"Right now we’re all a little frazzled. We’ve been through a couple of years of uncertainty due to bush fires, Covid, for many unemployment, financial and emotional difficulties, floods.

So we need to look after ourselves, and others.

We read about taking care of our well being by drinking lots of water, eating fresh vegetables and fruit. Getting out in the fresh air, exercise, meditation and so on, which does help….. but my tip is, always have something in your life, that gets you so excited you feel like a child waiting for Santa to arrive.

Before all this madness we did have things on our social calendar such as holidays, theatre, catch ups, galleries, sports, nights out.

Keep this going even if now it’s on a smaller scale. Don’t lose your motivation. Plan things such as catching up with family / friends for lunch / dinner, the movies, a massage, a weekend away, get up early to see the sunrise, check out the local markets. If you can’t afford a holiday, take a day trip somewhere.

Sydney has so many hidden gems, fall in love with this beautiful city again….. always have things to look forward to, to get excited about.

It lifts your spirits and makes the challenges we’re currently facing more bearable knowing you’ve got fun things in your life too.

And lastly, be kind. You don’t know what other people are going through. Your smile, nice gesture, uplifting comment could be just what another person needs.

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