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Tip of the Month

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Each month we will bring you a tip, life hack or helpful hint from us and our fabulous stallholders.

February's tip is brought to you by beautiful Charlotte from Love From Shop. We all need to take care of the amazing wildlife that we share this lovely planet with especially helping them on these very hot days !

Water for Wildlife

Here are my tips to help our furry and feathered friends in the heat.

Provide fresh, clean and cool water for wildlife.

Place bath in shade.

Ensure bath is safe and reliable.

Clean and scrub your bath regularly.

Place different sized baths in various locations and at a range of heights.

Baths can be made of old buckets, bowls, pots or even wheelbarrows.

Ensure wildlife can drink, bathe and dry themselves safely, with no risk of getting stuck, drowning or finding themselves in danger from pets.

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